I come from a very large family and have lived in Nauru all my life.  For the last two years it has been an eye opening experience coming to New Zealand to work for EastPack.  I have met many people from all over the world and have enjoyed making friends from different cultures, especially the German, Chilean, Island and Maori people. The first year I was in NZ I trained in Tray Prep in the Pack house.  This year I was promoted to Tray Prep Team leader and have added to my skills by also learning to prune out in the Orchard.

The weather is very cold compared to our hot Nauru. Though the work is hard with long hours I enjoy applying myself and earning money to take home. This year I have also led our Nauru RSE team.  We are a close knit group who have learnt a lot together from our time in New Zealand.

This experience has changed my world view and I hope to continue to return each year to New Zealand as an RSE worker from Nauru.





Although this is only my first year, I am looking forward to returning for many more years to come. The experience was very good and worthwhile. I enjoyed the work I had to do, the various people I befriended, but most importantly, the money I was able to send to my children for their education.  The cold weather was an added bonus to the new atmosphere I was staying in.


ELMA AGIR - Aongatete



We have enjoyed having workers from Nauru join our team at Aongatete. They have come for two seasons so far. They have committed and worked well. We have been pleased with their progress.

Nell Dawson

Operations Manager


EastPack has employed 10 Nauru RSE workers for two seasons now.  We employ many workers from different nations in our pack houses and the Nauru guys have been fun to work with and have become part of our RSE family.  They are physically strong men and are willing to work hard in our pack houses. We look forward to employing RSE workers from Nauru in future years.

Bonnie Keepin,

RSE Manager


Coming back for a second season made it all so much easier. I felt like I was returning to my other family in New Zealand. I took on all types of different roles in the pack house because I enjoy helping as many people as I can, and for that I even got promoted.

What I love most about being in the RSE is being able to save money and send money home. This year I spent my money on upgrading my disabled auntie’s home. My next goal is to start a small business to help support my family when I am away. I want to stay in the RSE for as long as I can.







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